Seven Daggers "S/T" Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (2018)
 Steve Haines "Cash In Our chips" Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (2018)
 Jordan Mathew Young "Rain Or Shine" Additional Recording/ Mixing (2017)
 Alexa Diane "Hate The Internet" Additional Recording (2017)
 Terrance Danger Hailstorm "Wanna Feel Alive" Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (2017)
 Rats "Welcome To Hell" Additional recording (2017)
 Matt Duncan "The Slowest Walkers In Manhattan" Recorded (2017)
 SL Spitfires "It Doesn't Matter" Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (2017)
 Terrance Danger Hailstorm "Rocket" Recorded, Mixed and Mastered (2017)
 Jonny Barber "The Survival Game" Mastering (2017)
 Samuel Smith Band "Whiskey" Mastering (2017)
 Gigi Love  "National Parks Centennial Songs" Mastering (2016)
 Emaney "The Music and The Practice" Mastering (2016)
 Heavy Dose "Be Good b/w Ted Nugz" Recoeded, mixed and mastered (2016)
 Sex Wax Surfer "Born To Surf" Recorded, mixed and mastered (2016)
Danger Hailstorm "Singles" Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered (2016)
 James TW "When You Love Someone Acoustic" Recorded and mixed (2016)
 Gigi Love "National Parks Centennial Songs EP" Mastered (2016)
 Detour "Don't Drag Me Down" Recorded, mixed and mastered (2016)
 Homo Leviticus "We're Not Happy, Until You're Not Happy - Produced, Recorded, Mixed (2016)
 The Renee Plant Band "Bump Bump" Additional Recording (2015)
 Danger Hailstorm "Halo" - Produced, recorded, mixed  (2015)
 Dirtytraxx ft. Bassmint Pros "FIYAH!" - Recorded, mixed and mastered (2015)
 Onza Divichi "Journey" Mastered (2015)
 The Renee Plant Band "Heisenberg" - Additional Recording, mixed and mastered (2015)
 Interift "Memories Of The Future, Today" - Recorded, mixed and mastered (2015)
 Larusso "The Voice" - Additional Recording (2015)
 Onza Davinchi "Without You" - Recorded, mixed and mastered (2015)
 Jackie And Ryan "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" - Studio Recording Engineer (2015)
 Spiv "Mini Brunette Club" - Mastered (2015)
 Danger Hailstorm "No Solution/Following Wires" - Produced, recorded, mixed (2015)
 Danger Hailstorm "I Think We Found Heaven/ Lost And Found" - Produced, recorded, mixed (2015)
 Johanna Johanna - Recorded, mixed and mastered (2015)
 Tony Holiday And The Velvetones "No Need To Rush It" - Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered (2014)
 J.J. Jennings "Travelin' Man" - Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered (2014)
 The Season Of The Witch "3 Song EP" - Recorded, mixed, mastered (2014)
 Bonanza Town "5 song EP" - Recorded, mixed, mastered (2014)
 Dark Seas "Lonely Eyes" - Produced, recorded, Mixed, Mastered (2014)
 Giraffula "Smile And Wave" - Mastering (2014)
 JJ Jennings "Poor Boy Dreams" - Co- Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered (2014)
 Spiv "Go For The Moon" - Mastering (2014)
 Spiv "Mini Brunette Club" -  Mastering (2014)
 Danger Hailstorm "King" - Produced, recorded, mixed (2014)
 The Animals Know "Rabid Lament" - Mixed and Mastered (2013)
 Dark Seas "Toner" - Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered (2013)
 Candy's River House "Stolen In The Middle Of The Night" - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered (2013)
 New Deal Swing - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered (2013)
 Breakers "Not Running Away" - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered (2013)
 It's Awake EP - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Dark Seas "Hawkes Court" - Produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
 Rainbow Black- "Amorous Notion EP" - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Danger Hailstorm "You Got It b/w Priestess" - Produced, Recorded, Mixed
 Spell Talk - "Rough" Recoded, Mixed, Mastered
 Lucid 8 "American Eye Sore" - Mixed, Mastered
 Spell Talk "Touch It" - Co Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 The Used 2011 Demo's Recorded, Mixed
 The Anthem - Lyrical Cathedral  Co Produced, Recorded, Mixed
 Harmon's Heart - "Slippery Slopes" Co Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered 
 Danger Hailstorm "And We'll Fly Again Someday"Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Danger Hailstorm "War" Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Danger Hailstorm "Two"  Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Danger Hailstorm "One" Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Across The Void "Demos" Recorded
 Marv Alber V/0 ABC Recorded
 Vinyl Williams- Noira - Co Produced, Recorded, Mixed
 Minor Suns LP Recorded  
 Hello Amsterdam "Nightlife" Mastered
 Orion "Halfway to Hell" Mastered
 Heterodactyl "Fourier" Mastered
 American Hitmen "The Proposition"  Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 American Hitmen "Self Titled" Mastered
 KRCL Not A Side Show Comp- Mastered
 Air Supply • "Mumbo Jumbo" Additional Recording
 Rich Wyman "Embrace" Additional Recording 
 Air Supply "The Singer and the Song" Additional Recording
 Graham Russell "The Future" Additional Recording
 Samuel Smith Band "Self Titled" Co Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Lokalgrown "A Thousand Times Yes" Recorded, Mixed
 Gift Anon "Mum's The Word" Recorded, Mixed
 Here She Lies "These Tides Reign" Recorded, Mixed
 The Middle Distance "From:Inside" Additional Recording
 William Swartz (William Joseph) "Within" Recorded, Mixed
 The Wolfs "Self Titled" Additional Recording
 Rich Wyman "Factory" Additional Recording 
 Long Distance Operator "Self Titled" Recorded
 Fifi Murmur "Self Titled" Additional Recording
 Form Of Rocket "Lumber" Additional Recording
 Patrick Asay "Everlasting Life" Produced, Recorded, Mixed
 Shakey Trade "Code Green" Mastered
 Funk and Gonzo Mastered
 Spirit "Show" Mastered 
 Labcoat  "Superelative Sciencefictional..."  Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Calico "Alligator" Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered 
 Free Radt "Love 101" Mastered
 Vanessa Hudgens High School Musical 3
Sum 41 "Pieces b/w Over my Head" (acoustic) Recorded
 Hasbeens Recorded, Mixed, Mastered 
 Eagle Twin "I Dreaded The First Robin So.." Recorded
 Johnny Schafer "Great Expectations" Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Blackhole "81's" Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 The Trappers ""Self Titled" Mixed with Dan Buehner
 The Wolfs "LightsOut +4" Additional Recording
 Mama "Bayotopia" Mastered 
 The Click Five  Assist Matt Tahaney
 Reaper "The Storyteller" Mastered
 Hudson River School "Rise and Fall" Mastered 
 The Brobecks "The Stranger" Produced, Recorded, Mixed
 DJ Boyd "The Music" Mastered
 April Meservy "Somewhere Between Sunsets" Additional Recording
  Jebu "Weapons Of Mass Dysfunktion" Mastered 
 Vein Melter "Self Titled" Recorded, Mixed, Masterd
 The Won Twenties "Self Titled" Recorded, Mixed
 Tolchock Trio "Ghosts Don't Have Bones" Mastered w/ Jeremy Smith
 Nova "Witch Hunt" Additional Recording
 Rich Wyman "Good Company" Additional Recording
 Susan Bradford "Soaring" Recorded, Mixed
 Rifle Street Music "05 demo" Assist David Eaton
 Royal Bliss "After the chaos II" Additional Mixing and Editing
 Ether Orchestra  "All Your Brave Junkie Tomorrows"  Recorded, Additional Mastering
 Magstatic  "She's Just A Buzz"  Produced, Recorded, Additional Mixing
 Red Bennies "Walk Right In" Mastered 
 Ether  "Music for Air Raids" Additional Recording
 Alchemy "Color/Horror/47 min/English" Recorded
 Magstatic "Country vs. City" Produced, Recorded, Mixed

 Magstatic "Wrist Rockets and Roller Coasters" Produced, Recorded, Mixed
 Terrance D.H. "Yard Sale" Recorded, Mixed
 Erosion "Self Titled" Co Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered   
 Nurse Sherri "One Hundred Ton" Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
 Bethany Dwinell Ilsley "Pilgrimage" Additional Recording, Mastered
 Subterranean Masquerade "Suspended Animation Dreams" Additional Recording

The wolfs "White Pills" "• additional Recording 
Thunderfist  "Loud Fast Rock and Roll" "• Record,Mix,Mastering 
Passages • "Turbulance" Basic tracks/additional mixing assistance   
Rune • Recorded,Mixed,Produced "runetang"  
Spiv • Recorded Tba 
Los Rojos • Recorded/Mixed tba 
Compelled • demo 
Carol Steffens jazz Quartet tba 
Propriety • motion picture soundtrack tba 
In Camera / The Trademark • split ep mastered 
November Tide "• Recorded,Mixed,Mastering 
23 Extasy • Record,Mix,Mastering 
KV Armada tba "• Record/Mix/Mastering 
Geraldine tba "Record/Mix 
Greg Hampton 
The Kill Patricks tba "• Record,Mix,Mastering 
Brothers of funk "12 steps" "• Record,Mix,Mastering 
Dwellers "lovelost" "• Mastering 
Sheriff and Crawler tba "• Record,Mix,Mastering 
Hedgewig and the angry inch. (Broadway play band)Tba 
Oxygen Cocktail • Record,Mix,Mastering 
Yeild "5" "• Record,Mix,Mastering 
Dave Shipley "8 traditional" "• Record,Mix,Mastering 
Pilut • Record,Mix,Mastering tba 
Jesus rides a rik shaw • "Record,Mix,Mastering tba 
Upper Room "tba • Record,Mix,Mastering 
Room 1134 tba  
Dub Dub Records Comp "The Invasion" 
The Wolfs "Night and Day" "additional recording 
Young C Major tba Recording/Mixing 
Chino "Greatest Snow on Earth" "• Record,Mix,Mastering 
Know it all - new cd tba 
Ryan Hillis -write me dude, I wanna cd 
Skint - 5 hot new tracks 
The Salt Lake Scots Driven 4 song EP 
The Pretty Uglies CD 
Seed "demo CD" 
Forth Watch s/t CD 
Soundkor "mini CD" 
Soundkor CD 
Yeild s/t "mini CD" 
Erosion  "I love you, goodbye" 
Wormdrive CD 
Dave Shipley • "Gitana" CD
Thunderfist • "Trash Culture" CD
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