1/31/20 New solo album out now Terrance DH "Acoustica"

11/1/2019 New Blood Moon Majesty album out now. Recorded and mixed by me. Check it out HERE

6/14/19 Seven Daggers "Threadbare" single out today. Recorded and mixed by me. Check it out here:

5/14/19 More Terrance lost songs found and released: Daisy Grey self titled cassette.

Check it out here:

1/19/19 Found this song I mixed and mastered for Max Pain And The Groovies a while back:

 12/16/2018 I made a spotify playlist of almost all of my personal releases.

8/17/2018 New Danger Hailstorm single "Note To Self" Out now. Written, recorded, mix and mastered by me. Check it out here

6/1/2018 Check out the new Seven Daggers album I recorded HERE.

11/3/2017 My new single "Wanna Feel Alive" is available everywhere. Check out my funny home made video HERE

10/5/2017  The first single off of Matt Duncan's new album is released. Check it out: HERE

9/5/2017 The Stench has begun rehearsals. Stat tuned for more info...

8/22/2017 I got some music placements in a few different television shows: How's Stuffs Made, Let's Get Inventin, Mega Truckers,
Totally Wild, Rugby League World Cup, Factory Made, What's In The Barn. 
I'll try to find some links.

7/18/2017 New albums from Rats (Produced by Quinn Allman) and SL Spitfires that I recoded will be linked soon. 

7/17/2017 I recorded a bunch of songs for Vadawave and they posted videos of it. Check them out HERE

7/10/2017 My new single "Rocket" is available now. HERE
Check out the video HERE

1/20/2017 Ran across some tunes I did guest vocals on:
Where To Go
Life Is Waiting

10/01/2016 I've started a cool new record label. Check it out. Mid Jet.

8/26/2016 The new Danger Hailstorm "Singles" album is available now.

3/15/2016 The new K2Ryhm single I tracked at Counterpoint is now up. Check it out:

9/1/2015 Check out the new Danger Hailstorm two song single: Following Wires / No Solution

5/25/2015 Slug Mag did an article on Counterpoint Studios and Midnight Records Productions:

4/03/2015 Eagle Twin posted a single off of their split EP that I recorded. Check it out:

4/01/2015 New Danger Hailstorm 2 song single is posted:

1/15/2015 My first album project of 2015. Johanna Johanna. What a great group of people. 

1/10/2015 Just got to see the premier of the movie Jackie and Ryan that I recorded all of the music for. One of the final scenes was also filmed at Counterpoint Studios where I recorded it. The film stars Katherine Heigyl and Ben Barnes.

11/11/2014 The new J.J. Jennings record I produced is out today. Check it out here:

10/03/14 Finishing touches on JJ Jennings new album "Travelin' Man" and a  new 2 song single by Candy's River House. Also tracking and mixing the  new album for Tony Holiday.

9/28/14 We purchased a Studer 2" 24 track tape machine and Otari 1/2 mix  down tape machine and a Ampex 1/4 tape machine. We are going back in  time.

06/24/2014 I just finished recording, mixing and mastering a 5 song ep  for Bonanza Town, a new single for Dark Seas and a 3 song EP for The  Season Of The Witch @ Counterpoint Studios. Check them out on the  projects page. 

05/07/2014 BREAKING NEWS+++ The iconic Counterpoint Studios has been donated to The Utah Arts Alliance. (Midnight Records Productions) DH AUDIO SERVICES will have a permanent home for the foreseeable future.

10/20/2013 Just finished a great EP by Candy's River House. I did all  the tracking, mixing and mastering. Check it out on their music page

Just finished recording and mixing the New Deal Swing album. What a blast. It's unlike anything that I've ever recorded. Check it out.

Check the new Dark Seas album I just produced, recorded and mixed.

I've teamed up with Midnight Records Productions to help with some of their recording projects. 
Check them out:

Just finished mixing and mastering the new Lucid 8 full length for Midnight Records Productions.

Just finished recording, mixing and mastering the new Rainbow Black EP titled "Monochrome"
Here's a link to listen:

Happy New Year.
Checkout the new Danger Hailstorm 2 song single that I produced, recorded and mixed:

Check out Hang TIme - Mastered with Mike Sasitch @ DH Audio

Here's a link of audio samples of some recent projects I recorded and mixed: